Amy Amy Amy (outro)

    Oh Amy, Amy, Amy. You’re a hot mess. Yet you’re still managing to saturate the UK radio airwaves with your music. Your cover of The Zuton’s 2006 top ten hit, Valerie has become your highest charting UK single so far (Number 2!) and it’s a collaboration with Mark Ronson! Not even off of your own album! Next up you have your final single from BACK TO BLACK, Love Is A Losing Game (released December 10th), and finally you’ve lined up Mutya Buena as a collaboration…or more like she’s landed you. B Boy Baby (released December 31st) is slowly growing on me.

    Where have you been in all of the videos though? In Valerie you were absent and had to be replaced by a selection of different girls with beehives…not the same. In your new single, Love Is A Losing Game, the official video will be a live performance. OK. That’s at least you. Who knows what’s going to happen with the Mutya single, though I’d be surprised if you made an appearance. I was pleased to find a new video of the Baby J. remix of Valerie. You are in the video in one form or another (black & white image of you dancing in a poster)…pretty cool. I just hope you get yourself together and get back to making really awesome music.