Amy Studt is back!!

    Much to my surprise, I found out via LastFM that UK singer Amy Studt is back with a new label and a new single, come this December. Amy Studt used to be on the Polydor label and had some success with two singles, “Just A Little Girl” and “Misfit.” Originally pegged as UK’s answer to Avril Lavigne, further singles proved to be less successful on the charts and she was dropped from her label.

    Now however it appears that she has been signed to 19 Recordings and is releasing a new single, “Furniture” on December 3rd. You can hear a clip on her official site ( I was a fan of Studt’s first album, “False Smiles” and am ecstatic that she’s back.

    – EDIT – Apparently I’ve included some errors on this posting, brought to my attention on LASTFM. Polydor Records is a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. According to my copy of Amy Studt’s album, there’s a logo for Polydor AND 19 Recordings. I guess Wikipedia is not a reliable resource. I knew that but I always wind up going back there for music information. Perhaps that’s not such a smart idea. Wikipedia says that Amy Studt was dropped from Polydor and is now signed with 19. It appears that she’s still with 19…maybe she never left? I don’t understand. Perhaps someone can explain this to me. ALSO, according to the source on LASTFM none of Amy’s singles performed strongly in the UK and that she in fact came before Avril Lavigne. Also, turns out that Just A Little Girl was released as a single in the U.S. Interesting fact…apparently the single was also used in television spots promoting the final season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Anyway, any Polydor vs. 19 insight someone can provide would be helpful 🙂 Sorry for this misinformation!

    • Anonymous

      Amy was signed to 19&#39;s originally but their label was not yet fully functional, so they signed an extension recording deal with Polydore/Universal. <br />Polydore/Universal did not take up their second option (album2) but by which time 19&#39;s label was functional and ready so she slotted back into that, to release &#39;My paper made men&#39;.

    • Hey thanks for the comment. That&#39;s really interesting actually. I sometimes rely too heavily on Wikipedia (which is NEVER a good idea) which always leaves me with holes in my research. Thanks again! Label politics has always fascinated me.