Amy Winehouse Update!

    Amy Winehouse Photo Via Amy’s Official MySpace
    When I saw that Amy Winehouse had a new blog post up on MySpace, I was skeptical. “What sort of rehashed, remixed, redone album was she RE-RELEASING now? The past 10 blog posts have all been about Amy’s label re-releasing a past album, combining 2 albums together and repackaging it, or about some award that Amy won this past year.
    Fine. Amy Winehouse is very talented, but I’ve been eagerly waiting something that actually qualifies as “news!” I understand that Amy is on the mend after a tumultous past couple years, and that the label is just trying to keep Amy relevant and fresh in our minds.

    Amy Winehouse

    Photo Via Amy’s Official Site

    Now…finally! News. Sort of. According to her blog:

    “Amy is back in the UK after arriving at Gatwick airport earlier this week. Amy is expected to take up resisidence in her new North London home and plans to continue work on her highly anticipated third studio album. Meanwhile Amy is one of a host of artists who are understood to have signed up for MTV’s new World Stage series.”

    Hopefully she won’t rush it and put out some quality material soon. Can’t wait to hear it Amy!