Beth Ditto Called Out for Being a Bad Role Model? – Blimey!


    While perusing Perez, I found a disturbing post about this douchey gossip columnist from the UK named Alex Blimes. Blimes took the time today to blog about his distaste for Beth Ditto, her fashion icon status AND her band Gossip. Calling Ditto out for being a bad example to young women b/c of her weight, essentially saying that she’s AS bad an example for being fat as a super skinny girl would be a bad example for being skinny.
    While Mr. Blimes is certainly entitled to his own opinions, his comments are a bit unnecessary. In reference to the band, Blimey says that they are “the one-hit wonders who provide Ditto with a night job.” UGH. What a dick. Gossip’s new album Music For Men, (one of my most-anticipated summer albums) is released on the 22nd in the UK and digitally Stateside the next day. Check out the just released video for new single “Heavy Cross.”

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