Beyond Bleeding?

    Today’s question…can Leona Lewis have a proper second single in the U.S.? My vote is…ABSOLUTELY! If her record label throws as much into it’s promotion as they did with “Bleeding Love.” Upon hearing the song by itself, I honestly never would have guessed that a beautiful, heart-achy love ballad would ever top the Billboard Charts. In recent years, the U.S. charts haven’t really embraced pop music. U.S. radio is very urban-oriented these days. Had “Bleeding Love” been given some sort of an R&B remix–then yeah, with some good promotion, I could have predicted that the single would do alright. But #1 on it’s own with no urban twist? Outstanding! You can tell how much Clive Davis, Simon Cowell, and the label believe in Leona as a star. It sort of makes you wonder why labels don’t invest more into other fantastic artists (AHEM–P!NK!) who put out fantastic albums. $$$$$$$ would be the reason.

    Now back to the topic at hand. Can Leona have another proper hit single in the U.S.? Right now, the label is being smart and letting the success of “Bleeding Love” (still doing well on the charts) wane before pushing a new single onto the American airwaves. The label is also being smart and not releasing another chintzy ballad as a second single. “Better In Time,” definitely a beautiful song, and probably a good third single, is not the right choice for a second single here in the U.S., in my opinion. While it made it to #2 on the UK charts, I don’t think it would do very well in the U.S. We need to hear what else Leona can do. Time for the urban-infused pop jam, and if rumors are to be believed, Akon-penned jam “Forgive Me” is the second U.S. single. Also produced by Akon, this track is a hot one. It has a very old-school Mariah vibe going on and it’s up-tempo and lots of fun!

    With no release date set yet for second single, hopefully the label will continue to ride out the success of “Bleeding Love” and release the new single once all the excitement has subsided. Leona is a deserved star and I hope only the best for her.

    • I think she should have releases Angel. I love that song.<BR/><BR/>But we will see how Better in Time will do. It is a fine track as well.