Blake Lewis to Release “Heartbreak On Vinyl” as Second Single

    Blake Lewis has always been one of my favorite male American Idol alums. He might not be as strong vocally as Clay Aiken or Adam Lambert but he has what a lot of the other Idols don’t – uniqueness. I think that many of the other Idol cast offs were so easily pigeonholed into one specific genre of music because they lacked a unique style. They were able to sing the particular genre of music that the label wanted them to sing. It seemed to me that Lewis’ debut album, Audio Day Dream was more in line with his overall musical direction – focusing on electro-dance and house music. Sure, Audio Day Dream was as flawed as any Idol debut, but it still allowed Blake Lewis some room for creativity (i.e. – beatboxing) which is more than can be said for the debut albums from many other former-Idols.

    Blake LewisI can’t say I was shocked when Lewis left Arista, but when I learned that he had joined up with Tommy Boy for his follow up record, I couldn’t have been more excited. Tommy Boy seems to be the PERFECT home for Lewis and I absolutely love the new record. It’s everything that Audio Day Dream wanted to be but couldn’t. First single, “Sad Song” was good but not what I was hoping for from his new album. Remixes by Craig C., Jody den Broeder and Jason Nevins changed my perception slightly, even going on to peak at #11 on the Billboard Dance chart.Blake Lewis NOH8 PhotoLewis announced at the end of last month that his second single would be the title track, “Heartbreak On Vinyl,” I did a little happy dance. “Heartbreak On Vinyl” was one of the standouts for me, ever since the first listen. What’s more exciting is that we can expect remixes from Bimbo Jones, LA Riots and Chew Fu. Fanclub members can hear the new tracks when they first premiere. The songs will also appear on Blake’s Opendisc page which can be accessed when you insert his CD into your computer. Go buy Heartbreak On Vinyl. You won’t be disappointed!

    Blake Lewis - Heartbreak On Vinyl

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