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Broods Announces Debut Album; New Single Out Now

    Broods - Evergreen
    Broods – Evergreen (Album Artwork)

    Broods is a singing/songwriting brother/sister duo from New Zealand that I’ve been into since late 2013/early 2014, when their first single, “Bridges” started generating buzz among music’s online tastemakers like Arjan Writes, MuuMuse, and Billboard‘s resident pop-music aficionado, Jason Lipshutz. Now, it’s months later and Broods have EXPLODED all over the world; playing a series of buzz-generating small gigs on the East and West Coasts (see BELOW for a photo of me and Broods after their March 2014 Mercury Lounge show here in NYC), touring with HAIM in the UK, selling out a larger scale North American club tour and opening for Ellie Goulding on the Australian leg of her tour. WHOOSH! Now, with their debut album, Evergreen out later this summer, things are about to get even CRAZIER for Caleb and Georgia Nott. I hope they’re ready for the ride.

    New single, “Mother & Father” (listen BELOW) is yet another GORGEOUS synth-lead stunner of a pop tune in the same electro-pop vein as previous singles, “Bridges” and its follow-up “Never Gonna Change.” While “Mother & Father” is lacking the anthemic quality “Bridges” had (probably due to a slightly less epic chorus), it’s still very much a worthy successor.

    Broods - Mother and Father Artwork
    Mother & Father Single Artwork

    Broods collaborated with Kiwi producer Joel Little, (AKA the 31-year-old GENIUS that produced Lorde‘s Grammy nominated Pure Heroine album)  on all of their releases up to this point, including their stunning debut EP and forthcoming debut album.

    Having performed together since they were children, Caleb and Georgia (now 21 and 19 respectively) won a talent competition at their local mall. In college, the two joined a band before ultimately making the decision to drop out and pursue music as a career full time. The pair met Joel Little at a New Zealand music competition called Smokefreerockquest, where Little served as a judge and Caleb and Georgia were in a band that was competing.  The rest, as they say (cliché but true) is history.   The name “Broods” was reportedly given to them by their manager, which they adopted, appreciating how it had two meanings; one referring to their obvious familial bond and the other alluding to that “brooding” feeling we all hear in their music [SOURCE].

    Broods Promotional Photo

    After “Bridges” took off, that’s when the major labels started chomping at the bit, trying to sign the talented siblings and launch them at the masses. Broods eventually wound up signing with Capitol Records in the States and Polydor in the UK at the end of last year. Their self-titled debut EP was released February 4th, entering Billboard‘s Heatseeker Album chart at #5. The EP also charted on Billboard‘s Alternative Albums chart, peaking at #25.

    Debut album, Evergreen will be released in New Zealand first on August 22 (Dryden Street/Island/Universal) and then in the U.S. later this summer/early fall via Capitol Records (Some are reporting an August release, some are reporting September…I’m seeing October 7th listed in UMG’s extranet…but who knows). The New Zealand release includes all of Broods‘ previously released singles, including “Bridges,” “Never Gonna Change” and “Mother & Father,” plus eight new songs. I’ve included the tracklisting below.

    Evergreen Tracklisting:

    “Mother & Father” – 3:07
    “Everytime” – 3:41
    “Killing You” – 3:33
    “Bridges” – 3:11
    “L.A.F” – 2:47
    “Never Gonna Change” – 4:12
    “Sober” – 4:02
    “Medicine” – 4:42
    “Evergreen” – 4:27
    “Four Walls” – 3:28
    “Superstar” – 3:46

    Be sure and catch the video for “Bridges” below, released specifically for American fans. The Dori Oskowitz-directed video was shot around Castaic Lake in the Sierra Pelona Mountains of California and prominently feature the shy duo, who up to that point had yet to appear in one of their own music videos.

    If you like quality pop music complete with gorgeous harmonies, powerful vocals, meaningful lyrics, undulating synths, all impeccably produced and fronted by two gorgeous kids…then Broods is the band for you.

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