Can(‘t) Get You Out Of My Head

    Now I hate to prolong a stereotype…but the gays tend to love Kylie Minogue, and I am certainly no exception. I have 4 of her albums, including the import version of her latest, X, as well as her double disc greatest hits album that came out a couple of years ago. Sure–not even half of her vast catalog–but enough to know that I love her (at least the past 10 years of her career).

    “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” really was the last substantial hit Kylie had in the US (February 2002) and I have to say that I’m not optimistic about her new album. Her last album to get a US release was Body Language, which unfortunately did not do as well as her previous effort. Her new album is happier–not as dark as Body Language, however it lacks a single worthy of the temperamental world that is US radio, hence the addition of a track to the US version of X, first US single, “All I See” featuring rapper MIMS.
    When the track made it’s iTunes debut a few weeks back, I bought it, but have yet to listen to it. Well, in an oh-so-brief stint in the US this week, Kylie made an appearance on Dancing With The Stars singing the US single (minus MIMS, thank God) and “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.” Having really heard the first single on DWTS, I have to say I’m not excited about the track. I’m sure the recorded version is better sounding, and I hate to be critical of Kylie but the whole performance lacked energy. I have so much respect for her as a woman and as an artist, publicly going through a battle with Cancer and surviving and then jumping back into a career as one of Europe’s most recognizable pop artists–on the other hand–her first US performance in years was just a huge disappointment. *sigh.
    I just have to listen to her new album from start to finish and give it a second chance. I desperately want to love it. I really do.