Chromeo’s DJ-KiCKS Tracklisting

    Hrm. So last week, I was all excited about the new DJ-KiCKS + Chromeo disc. When I saw that ArjanWrites had posted the full tracklisting to the new DJ-KiCKS album featuring the stylings of Chromeo, I got excited. Then I saw the tracklisting…and I was left somewhat disappointed. Honestly, the only reason I’m disappointed is because I don’t know the majority of the artists on the album. The names that stood out? Lifelike, and Chromeo of course. The more I think about this though, the more excited I get. Since when has my not knowing about an artist stopped me from listening to an artists? Chromeo MUST have good taste, right? I’ve had a change of heart and once again, am excited for this release.

    Can anyone recommend a couple of these artists? The album is out on September 29th.

    DJ-KiCKS presents Chromeo

    Kano – “Ikeya-Seki”
    Pierre Perpall – “J’aime Danser Avec Toi”
    Toba – “Moving Up”
    France Joli – “Gonna Get Over You”
    Donna Allen – “Serious”
    Lovelock – “Maybe Tonight”
    Chateau Marmont – “Solar Antapex” rework
    Val Young – “Seduction”
    Soupir – “Larmes de Métal”
    Lifelike – “Sequencer”
    Carmen – “Time to Move”
    Shotgun – “Don’t You Wanna Make Love”
    Cheri – “Murphy’s Law”!
    Leo Sayer – “Easy to Love”
    Shazam – “Luckier”
    Chromeo – “I Can’t Tell You Why”
    Diane Tell – “Tes Yeux”
    The Alan Parsons Project – “Pipeline”
    Check out Chromeo on the web: Official Site//MySpace//Facebook