Dido on Ghost Whisperer – Interview With a Music Supervisor


    Dido’s official blog has posted an interview with Lindsay Wolfington of Lone Wolf Music Supervision. In this interview, Lindsay gives some insight into how music gets selected for television and film. Shows like Grey’s Anatomy and the now departed O.C. have both been effective marketing tools for musicians…both popular and lesser known. This is quite interesting!

    Dido’s song “Quiet Times” recently appeared in an episode of “One Tree Hill” and in tonights episode of “Ghost Whisperer.” Here’s an exerpt of the interview:

    Hi Lindsay. We hear you’ve requested Quiet Times for two TV placements. Of all the songs at your disposal, what is it about that song that lent itself to use on the shows?

    It’s emotional, quiet enough to stay under dialogue and has movement, which keeps the episode moving along. It worked well for One Tree Hill because we needed a song that could tie together three different scenes and had a little suspense – a sense of “what’s going to happen?” We always need songs like that. It also just happened that the lyric “I miss you” played under Peyton and Lucas on the phone with each other, and they almost said “I miss you” to each other along with Dido! As for the Ghost Whisperer use of Quiet Times, I can’t say exactly because the episode doesn’t air until Dec 5th! Let’s just say the mood is right and the lyrics hit perfectly – the song expresses what the characters cannot. Tune in to see what I mean. CBS, Fridays at 8pm. Hey, I’m not afraid of a shameless plug!

    Check out the rest of the interview here.