Dionne Bromfield Releases Touching Sia co-penned Tribute to God Mother, Amy Winehouse

    19 year old British singer Dionne Bromfield has released a new song she co-wrote with Sia called "Black Butterfly" as a tribute to her God Mother, Amy Winehouse.

    It’s been a minute since we last heard the soulful voice of teen singer/songwriter Dionne Bromfield but the now 19-year old is back with a STUNNING and EMOTIONAL tribute to her late God Mother, Amy Winehouse. The song, “Black Butterfly” popped up on Bromfield’s official YouTube channel on Saturday June 13th, preceded by a Tweet from the songstress revealing, “A little sumthin I’ve been working on,” accompanied by, what appears to be a “behind-the-scenes” photo of Dionne dressed in black, standing in front of a red curtain clutching a microphone stand. That Tweet was followed hours later by another, simply reading “Black Butterfly,” alongside a link and a photo of a theater marquee with her name and the title, “Black Butterfly.”

    Black Butterfly” was co-written by Dionne alongside Sia and songwriter/producer Chris Braide (Christina Aguilera, Paloma Faith, Lana Del Rey). The song was inspired by a moment Bromfield witnessed during her God Mother’s funeral service, when a black butterfly landed on the shoulder of one of Amy’s closest friends, Kelly Osbourne. According to Bromfield in the accompanying post on her official site, “the butterfly stayed on her shoulder for the whole service before flying high up into the eves and fluttering out the front doors.” A beautiful, very much symbolic image that clearly inspired the song’s heartbreaking lyrics, which are filled with references to Winehouse, both in life and in death. Pallbearers pass as the loved ones weep, no one could save her, her soul’s to keep. / And enter the butterfly, she’s back to black, we all watch her flutter by, jaws slack. / ‘Cos you’ve returned for one last prank, ‘cos you’ve returned so frank.

    In her post Bromfield also shares with her fans, a note written to Amy which appears to subtly echo sentiments shared by Winehouse’s family towards the new documentary, AMY (out July 3 in the UK/U.S.). This letter also delves into Bromfield’s own grief, which understandably has not subsided in the (nearly) four years that have passed since the singer’s untimely death. “I stopped music for a while after you left me but I’ve realised one thing, wherever you are, you can still hear my songs,” she says in closing.

    Considering Bromfield’s Twitter bio promises “new music coming soon,” I think it’s safe to assume that Bromfield has decided to carry on, and thankfully so, because I wasn’t quite ready to say goodbye to this little songbird just yet. Yes, Dionne Bromfield could be considered Amy Winehouse‘s protegé (she was the first artist signed to Lioness Records, after all) she is very much her own artist. That being said, Dionne reminds me so much of her God Mother—musically and spiritually—because of their close personal and professional relationship and I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment. Having Dionne continue in her God Mother’s footsteps can only help Amy’s fans (myself included) heal.

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