F**k You Lily, F**k You Very Much

    Lily Allen - Fuck YouI was excited to hear that Lily Allen was releasing “Fuck You” as her next single. It’s been one of my favorites since before the album came out…since she posted it on her MySpace page. It appears to have been a digital single as the only things out now on CD are promos. There’s a dirty and a clean version out now in most countries via iTunes. Check it out!

    I also wanted to talk about how much I love the artwork for this album and it’s singles. Sure, Lily is photographed wearing the same outfit with the same back drop, etc…but that being said…it’s simple and fun. I enjoy simple and fun when it comes to album artwork, just as much as I enjoy something a bit more lavish and flashy. Well done Lily’s record label. Well done.
    Lily Allen - It's Not Me It's YouLily Allen - The FearLily Allen - Not FairArtwork courtesy of Coverlandia
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