Former Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta Returns to Take The Dance Charts by Storm; New Single ‘Again’ Out Now

    Jessica Sutta | Pussycat Dolls | Citrusonic| Music Is My King Size Bed
    Following the break up of international pop group and Robin Antin brainchild, The Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta has been forging ahead with her own pop career.  Her latest effort, a STUNNING rager of a dance pop anthem, “Again,” out today on iTunes.  Premiering yesterday on, “Again” was produced by and features Kemal Golden – released on Citrusonic Stereophonic.  Listen to it in full on Billboard or a snippet of the track BELOW.

    According to Sutta, “Again,” despite it’s up tempo club vibe, is a deeply personal track (which she co-wrote, along with Kemal Golden, Alana Da Fonseca and Cameron Nacson), telling Billboard,

    “It talks about the cyclone of energy that happens when the wrong decisions are made in your life over and over again.”

    While most people probably recognize Sutta for her work in The Pussycat Dolls her talents were largely eclipsed by the band’s lead singer and resident diva, Nicole Scherzinger.  Much the the enjoyment of gays and club music lovers around the world, Sutta emerged in 2007 as a sultry new dance-diva, appearing on tracks by world renown DJ/Remixers Dave Audé (“Make It Last“) and Paul van Dyk (“White Lies“), both with both collaborations bringing Jessica Sutta Top 5 success on Billboard‘s Hot Dance Club Songs chart.  In 2011 Sutta proved that she didn’t need to be a featured vocalist in order to have success on the dance chart, releasing another hit single, “Show Me,” (SEE BELOW) which proceeded to climb to the top of the dance charts.  
    Jessica Sutta | Pussycat Dolls | Again | Music Is My King Size Bed
    2013 looks to be a big year for Sutta, with 3 additional singles in the works as well as some big name DJ collaborations.  With the release of “Again,” I have no doubt that Jessica Sutta is well on her way to becoming one of America’s next dance divas.


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