Get Familiar With: Zoe Scott

    I LOVE what I do. While I don’t get paid for blogging about music, there’s definitely a pay out. The reward for me is the music itself…whether it be new stuff from an old favorite or a new discovery. Singer/Songwriter Zoe Scott is the latter. Her new single, “Hard Habit” is DEFINITELY worth a listen (or two). Check it out when it’s released on August 31st.

    Scott’s new album, Woman On Top features a talented group of collaborators including The Wax Team (Rihanna, Norah Jones), Wizards Of Oz and master mixers Jim Scott (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Mike Shipley (Aerosmith, Shania Twain). Scott wastes no time showing us what she’s got in her new single “Hard Habit.” (Listen to the single HERE) Strong vocals mixed with ROCK solid pop/rock production equals a very solid effort. At first, listening to Scott brought to mind Lucy Woodward‘s 2003 single “Dumb Girls.” Not necessarily a bad comparison to make but nothing truly groundbreaking. By the middle of the song Scott goes ROCK & ROLL complete with crazy guitar riffs and a big, loud, powerful chorus. Gone is the Lucy Woodward comparison, now she sounds like classic Sheryl Crow.

    The LA-based singer/songwriter is very much influenced by all of the places she’s been. “I see places as canvases,” she says. “It’s what I react to.”  Born in London, she moved to Rome, did some acting, moved back to London, moved back to Italy before heading off to Spain. From España, it was off to Sunny California with her sister.

    The rock-influence in her music is not shocking. Heavily influenced by Jim Morrison, Zoe Scott lived in a Ford Econoline van right down the street from the late singer’s house in Laurel Canyon.  “We were so passionate and so young. We were here to make rock and roll music like our favorite artists.” In 2005 Scott released her debut album via Zeus Records with guests John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls) and drummer Kenny Arnoff. According to Scott, her debut was “earthy and laid back.” While there are definitely elements of that sound in her new material, Woman On Top appears to be, overall, a different kind of sound – an “upbeat rock and roll manifesto of empowerment, liberation and authenticity.” Expect big things from Zoe Scott.

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