Hilary Duff - New Album

Hilary Duff Casually Releases New Promo Photo

    Hilary Duff - New Album

    Former Disney Channel starlet and “So Yesterday” / “Come Clean” singer, Hilary Duff, casually popped THIS new promotional photo on Twitter yesterday. (Thanks Arcadey for the heads up!)

    Hilary has been talking for a while now about reigniting her pop career, or at least some form of her pop career.  While it’s unlikely that she’s going to put out another Dignity (her previously released and CRIMINALLY underrated 2007 dance/pop album) I’ll take new music from the Duffster in any form. As to what form Hilary Duff‘s new music will take? Well, thanks to singer/songwriter/ginger Ed Sheeran (who co-wrote Duff’s forthcoming, as-yet-untitled single), we have a pretty good idea of what that will be.

    Sheeran recently described Duff’s sound in an interview as “an adult alternative acoustic sound,” adding that it’s “not what her fans will expect.” Interesting. Not in a bad way either. Interesting in an “I want to HEAR IT RIGHT NOW” kind of way.  Hilary herself has described her new music as “earthy indie pop” so I think that’s what we’re going to get and I don’t entirely hate the idea.  No word yet on whether or not the photo above is from an album photo shoot or something else but it’s a new photo and it’s from a new project which is all we need to know, OK?  Duff has been in the studio working with a bevvy of internationally reknowned hitmakers, including Sheeran, Dr. Luke (!!), Savan Kotecha and Toby Gad, to name a few (what?! no Ryan Tedder?!)

    Stay tuned for news on Hilary Duff‘s grand return to music. In the meantime, let us all go back. Let’s go back.  Back to the beginning. Back to when the earth, the sun, the stars all aligned…

    Come Clean – Hilary Duff – Official Music Video from Chito Mañosca Francisco on Vimeo.

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