Hot Compilation Alert: Doctor Rosen Brings Us His Best of 2009

    Dr. Rosen“Remixer extraordinaire” Doctor Rosen is back with a 2009 Remix Compilation that contains his take on tracks by Eminem, Phoenix, Weezer, Lily Allen, Britney Spears and more! I first heard the Doctor when he released his track-by-track re-interpretation of Lily Allen’s last album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, (appropriately titled It’s Not Me, It’s Doctor Rosen). That remix album left me yearning for more from the Idaho-bread, LA-based producer/remixer.

    Dr. RosenWhile Rosen is known for his bootleg remixes, he’s now making a name for himself in official circles as well. After being hired to do a remix for Interscope Records (Chris Cornell’s Scream,” produced by Timbaland) it’s been non stop mixing action for Dr. Rosen. In the near future we can expect official remixes of Lady Gaga/Beyonce, Tegan & Sara, Blue Roses, Vistosso Bosses and more.

    Dr. RosenIn the meantime, check out this remix compilation. For me, this is PERFECT. Tackling everything from Britney’s “Womanizer,” to tracks by Drake and Weezer – this remix compilation sums up 2009 quite nicely. Well done Dr. Rosen. Keep churning out the hits!

    Dr. Rosen

    1. Drake – FOREVER (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    2. Weezer – I Want You To (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    3. Lily Allen – Never Gonna Happen (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    4. Phoenix – LISZTOMANIA (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    5. Eminem – WE MADE YOU (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    6. Alaska In Winter – BERLIN (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    7. Lilly Allen – FUCK YOU (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    8. Mission District – HEARTBREAKER (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)* previously unreleased
    9. Britney Spears – WOMANIZER (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)
    10. Sliimy – WOMANIZER (Doctor Rosen Rosen Rx)* previously unreleased

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