Hot New Release: Ryan Ferrada – Room 501

    I first heard of Ryan Ferrada back in September, when I talked about his upcoming release Room 501. The Bimbo Jones remix of his first single, the club-friendly “Dirty In The Club” hit the top 10 in the Music Week UK Club Chart last month and even hit #2 on the Pop Chart. Impressive! Well, the album has FINALLY been released to the UK iTunes store. I wish I could get it here in the states.

    Ryan FerradaThe half American, half Spanish Ferrada grew up in Europe, releasing his debut album, Can’t Let Go in Portugal and Span when he was only 18. After touring Europe in support of artists like Ronan Keating and the Sugababes, Ryan is ready for some spotlight of his own. Room 501 sees Ferrada paired up with songwriter/producer Greg Fitzgerald (Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Jessica Simpson) and features the perfect blend of “edgy pop, electro funk, dance and hints of R&B.”

    Ryan FerradaAmong the albums tracks is a cover of Kylie Minogue’s “Burning Up,” as well as next single, the title track, “Room 501.” I for one can’t wait to hear the new material. With the electro-pop world currently dominated by strong female superstars like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, the hot, sexy Ferrada is destined to make a splash.

    Check out Ryan Ferrada on the web:
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    • Anonymous

      Hi! Ryan´s new album Room 501 is available on iTunes and it´s fantastic! It´s about time a guy did this kind of sound, as you said, it is dominated by female artists.<br />

    • Anonymous

      Hi<br /><br />I thought you may want to know that unfortunatley Ryan passed away a couple of days ago. I know he would have been eternally grateful for your support and belief in him and his music. To all those that loved and supported him and his dreams on his behalf thank you all. I hope he gets to dance his dreams wherever he may be now.<br /><br />Rest in peace Ryan

    • OMG. This is the first I&#39;ve heard of Ryan&#39;s passing. I can&#39;t find anything online about this. Is it true? If so, this is very sad!

    • Anonymous

      It&#39;s unlikely you&#39;ll find anything about his online as Ryan wasn&#39;t his real name! It is true unfortunatley, the funeral was held in Portugal on the 2nd January.

    • That&#39;s so sad. Thanks for the comment. One would think that his label/website would release some sort of statement. He had fans after all.