Hot Remixes: Steamweaver Remixes the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and more!

    SteamweaverEver since Steamweaver contacted me last summer about his remixes of Beyonce’sSweet Dreams,” and “Right Here” by Carmen Reece he’s been busy mixing up todays hottest hits readying them for the dancefloor. Since Beyonce & Carmen Reece, Steamweaver has remixed the likes of Britney Spears, Rihanna, Nick Harvey and now Jennifer Lopez. Steamweaver is fast becoming a big name on the unofficial remix front and now with official mixes in the can for Nick Harvey and Brian – things are looking up. I can’t wait to hear what’s next! Be sure and check out all of Steamweaver’s stuff on his MySpace page. In the meantime, here’s his remixography to date:


    Beyonce – Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Club Mix) – 7:16
    Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Radio Mix) – 3:51
    Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver “Lights On” Dub) – 8:04
    Sweet Dreams (Steamweaver Tribe-A-Pella) – 6:17

    Download them HERE

    Carmen Reece

    Carmen Reece – Right Here

    Right Here (Steamweaver Club Mix) – 9:20
    Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #1) – 3:48

    Right Here (Steamweaver Radio Mix #2) – 4:31

    Download them HERE

    Britney Spears

    Britney Spears – Steamweaver Megamix (Dirty Radio Edit)

    Download it HERE

    Brooke Hogan

    Brooke Hogan – Hey Yo

    Hey Yo (Steamweaver Radio Edit)
    Hey Yo (Steamweaver House Remix)
    Hey Yo (Steamweaver Dub Mix)

    Download them HERE


    Rihanna – Russian Roulette

    “I loved the song from the moment I heard it, and wanted to do something very dancey and anthemic, while keeping the dark and emotional mood from the original. The tempo was tough (around 80BPM), so I decided to go 133BPM – not too slow for the vocals, neither too fast for the genre. Anyway, I had fun with this one, especially with the vocal manipulation (check the full mix!)”

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Bonus Beats) – 4:56
    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Club Anthem – Vox Up) – 12:11

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Club Anthem) – 12:11

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow Instrumental) – 8:13

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow – Vox Up) – 8:13

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Mixshow) – 8:13

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Pad-A-Pella) – 9:34

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Instrumental) – 4:31

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Mix – Vox Up) – 4:31

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Radio Mix) – 4:31

    Russian Roulette (Steamweaver Tribe-A-Pella) – 9:32

    Download them HERE

    Nick Harvey

    Nick Harvey – Wurkin (Steamweaver Club Mix) – 10:56

    Buy it HERE


    Vibelicious & Dean Boudreau – Last Christmas

    Last Christmas (Steamweaver Radio Christmas)
    Last Christmas (Steamweaver Club Christmas)

    Download them HERE

    Jennifer Lopez

    Jennifer Lopez – Louboutins

    “These are House mixes, quite different from my usual Big Room style, but I hope you like it :)”

    Louboutins (Steamweaver Designer Radio Mix) – 3:45
    Louboutins (Steamweaver
    Designer Club Mix) – 7:30
    Louboutins (Steamweaver
    Runway Dub Mix) – 8:00

    Download them HERE


    Brian – Too Grown For That

    Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Radio Mix) – 3:59
    Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Radio Mix With Rap) – 3:59

    Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Club Mix) – 8:22

    Too Grown For That (Steamweaver Padapella) – 6:06

    Buy them HERE