Hot Video Alert: Chase and Status – Let You Go

    London-based electronica duo Chase and Status (Saul Milton and Will Kennard) released their new single, “Let You Go” yesterday (it’s currently at #11 on the UK iTunes song chart!) and it’s a HOT one.  With vocals by Mali, “Let You Go” is the first single off their as of now untitled second album.  Probably the coolest thing about this new release is the video, which you can integrate with your Facebook account and actually appear in the video! Visit, sync it up with your Facebook profile and voila! You’re in the video! The video chronicles a day in the life of fictional talk show host Patrick Chase, a real hypocrite and pig of a man.  By day Chase comes down hard on sleezebag, drug addicted parents but at night becomes one of the same.  The INTENSE video chronicles Chase’s bender of a night from start to finish.  This video’s got it all…drug use, prostitutes, drunk driving, sex in front of small children.  What a pretty picture.  As despicable as this Patrick Chase character is, the violent video actually fits this hard, driving club track perfectly.  Look out for remixes by Nero, Brookes Brothers, VIP and the excellent Feed Me Remix.  “Let You Go” is available to download in the UK now.

    Check out Chase and Status on the web: