Check out the video for "Oh Promised Land," the first single off Ebony Bones' forthcoming EP, Milk and Honey Part 1, due October 10th.

Hot Video Alert: Ebony Bones – Oh Promised Land

    Check out the video for "Oh Promised Land," the first single off Ebony Bones' forthcoming EP, Milk and Honey Part 1, due October 10th.

    Sometimes (if you’re lucky) you learn about an artist BEFORE they blow-the-eff-up and you feel AMAZING. Then there are other times you learn about an artist, FALL IN LOVE with said artist, only to discover they previously released 2 FULL-LENGTH ALBUMS (#FAIL)For me and British singer/songwriter EBONY BONES it was the latter, and you know what, I STILL feel amazing about this discovery! Check out the video for her new single (which she wrote AND produced btw), “Oh Promised Land,” off her new EP Milk And Honey Part 1, due October 10th (1984 Records). The song is currently being used in Ray-Ban‘s European Campaign4Change initiative.

    The “Oh Promised Land” video is BOLD (for lack of a better word). Bold colors. Bold fashion choices. BOLD everything. It was directed by filmmaker and video artist Marco de Giorgi and premiered on Noisey a couple weeks back. The overall aesthetic is quirky and fun with a touch of elegance—kind of like what the art director (Scott King) and photographer Jonathan de Villiers did with Roísín Murphy‘s Overpowered album campaign. BOLD. Out there. Unapologetic. Weird as f**k, but still kind of cool. The “Oh Promised Land” video has all of this and more. It’s also got a sense of humor. It plays like one of those festivals where kids pelt each other with brightly colored powder packets, exploding into rainbow clouds of chaos and laughter.

    Please get into Ebony Bones and her new single "Oh Promised Land," off her upcoming new EP Milk and Honey Part 1.

    Before hearing “Oh Promised Land” I didn’t know much about Ebony Bones, but from the video you can tell she’s a CHARACTER, and a damn stylish character at that. To me, Ebony sounds like the musical lovechild of CockNBullKid (AKA Anita Blay), V V Brown and Shamir Bailey and GOD DAMN do I love every minute of it! The instrumentation and production going on in this song is seemingly insane and nonsensical but it all works, a credit to Ebony who has always produced her own music. While it sounds like a cluttered hodgepodge of strings, rhythmic cowbell and assorted other instruments, it’s held together by an urgent, funky bassline that courses through the song.

    Oh Promised Land” is the first single lifted from Ebony Bones‘ forthcoming EP, Milk And Honey Part 1, out worldwide via iTunes and Spotify on October 10th. It serves as the follow up to her 2013 sophomore album, Behold, A Pale Horse as well as her 2009 debut, Bone of My Bones. While we wait for October to roll around, I’m looking forward to exploring Ebony Bones‘ back catalog! I can’t get enough!

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