[Hot Video Alert] Erik Hassle – Stay

    Erik Hassle Stay

    Come on Erik! Why you gotta make me cry! UGH! Sometimes, less really is more and Erik Hassle‘s new video for “Stay” is evidence of that.  Penned by Malin Dahlström of Niki & The Dove, “Stay” is the first single taken from Hassle’s upcoming third full length studio album, entitled We Dance, due out later this Spring on Roxy Records (Hassle’s Swedish label). No word yet on whether Hassle’s planning a full scale international release with this album, but I’m hoping he is.  This is just too good to keep in Sweden!

    Check out Hassle in the “Stay” video BELOW and behold him, in all his beautiful, Scandinavian fair-skinned glory.  The video was directed and edited by Alexander Dahl, with Hassle taking on the creative.  The video features a shirtless Hassle, singing expressively into the camera, while a story of tortured love LITERALLY plays out all over his body. Yessir…his body is the LITERALLY the canvas here (and what a beautiful body it is). Stripped down as he is in the video, Hassle looks as just vulnerable as he sounds on the song.  “Stay” is heartbreaking, gut-wrenching sadness put onto paper and sung for all it’s worth. Simply stunning.

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