Hot Video Alert: Hurts – Wonderful Life

    I definitely see where the Depeche Mode comparisons are coming from with Hurts and while that comparison is DEFINITELY a lot to live up to, I think the boys will rise to the challenge.  The STUNNINGLY beautiful video for their new single “Wonderful Life” premiered last week and I can’t get enough. Due out in the UK on August 23rd the single was actually already released in Denmark this past May with a different video. This NEW video was shot on location in beautiful Ibiza. The video features the handsome British electro-synth duo, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, standing solemnly surrounded by by a variety of dancers, synchronized swimmers and other extras. The video’s theme seems to be rather morose, with all of the guests wearing black and looking very sad.  Not sure if it’s supposed to be some sort of a wake or what…not the most uplifting video yet still very beautiful.

    “Wonderful Life” is the second official UK single taken from Hurts’ debut album Happiness, out September 6th on RCA. It was preceded byBetter Than Love,” which peaked at #50 on the Official Singles Charts. Look out for “Wonderful Life” remixes by the Freemasons, Arthur Baker and Kurtis Mantronix.  Check out the original video for the single here.

    Check out Hurts on the web:
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