Hot Video Alert: Jack Garratt – Weathered

    Check out "Weathered" the new single from UK dynamo, Jack Garratt. Make sure you check him out live this summer when he tours with Mumford & Sons, and this Fall with MSMR!
    PHOTO CREDIT: Zoe Zimmer

    Sometimes, all it takes for you to fall in love with an artist is one live performance. When I saw Jack Garratt perform at Le Poisson Rouge this past Spring, I had limited knowledge as far as what his deal was. At the time, I’d only really listened to what was available to stream in America (which isn’t much). Of course I loved (most) everything I heard, but I knew I had to see him live. I just got the feeling that there was more than meets the eye with Jack Garratt, and boy was I right. Live…this guy is an ABSOLUTE beast. A JUGGERNAUT of talent. When I walked in, I expected a cute bearded gent, backed by a full band, maybe a light show. What I got, was a younger (than-I-expected) looking bearded gent, armed with a guitar (or two), a drum machine and a myriad of miscellaneous electronic equipment (oh, and a smoke machine). I also got a powerhouse vocal and physical performance. HOLY GOD. Check out the Andrew Donoho-directed video for his latest single, “Weathered” which is available now (iTunes / Spotify).

    Weathered” is an emotionally-charged folk song, with Garratt’s flawless falsetto drizzled over a billowy bed of soothing electronic beats. It would have been easy for Jack to over-sing in an effort to compete with the production, but he doesn’t. A crescendo of layered vocal harmonies kick the song off before abruptly cutting out; replaced with some light percussion and electric guitar strums, before Jack comes in quietly like a lamb on the first verse. As the song progresses, Garratt amps up the intensity in his vocal, before pulling back at just the right time. Sonically-speaking, “Weathered” alternates between beautiful, calming lullaby and a frightening bedtime story.

    Watch the new vide for "Weathered." the latest single from UK singer/songwriter/producer Jack Garratt and catch Jack on tour in the US this Fall with MSMR!

    Already a hit amongst music tastemakers, including Pigeons & Planes, Hillydilly and Complex UK, “Weathered” was written and co-produced by Jack Garratt. The single serves as the follow up to the singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist’s previous 3 EPs—Remnants, Remnix and his latest, Synesthesiac (all out in the U.S. through Interscope Records). In addition, Jack Garratt will be heading out on tour this Fall with NYC-based electropop/rock duo MSMR, not to mention some dates supporting Mumford & Sons this month. Check out Jack’s official website for a full list of tour dates. Learning about Garratt being added to the bill played heavily into my decision to snag tickets to the upcoming MSMR tour. I highly recommend you get out to see him this year. He’s going to be big.

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