Hot Video Alert: Jedward – All The Small Things

    *SIGH* Seriously? I was not-so-secretly hoping that we’d heard the last of Irish brothers, John & Edward Grimes (AKA Jedward) from X-Factor after they were dropped by Sony but sure enough, they were picked up by Universal the very next day.  I’m all about having a laugh (and watching them do the ‘Ghostbusters‘ theme song was HILARIOUS) but recording an album? Granted, I couldn’t help but crack a smile watching the music video for their first single, “Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)” but I’m having trouble taking them seriously.  They just seem like big goofballs that really don’t have any vocal talent to speak of.  “Under Pressure” was good stupid fun, but going and releasing a Top 6 Blink-182 hit from 2000 as their second single? That just seems like a nightmare waiting to happen…granted “All The Small Things” did chart higher in the UK. STILL!  I wonder what Blink-182 think about all this.

    The video for the song starts out like a home movie and goes nowhere fast, with the boys just “being themselves” in front of a variety of colorful backdrops, with different props and even in black & white.  *YAWN* The single comes out today, July 18th and is the second to be lifted off of their debut album, Planet Jedward, due out on July 26th.  It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot more of Jedward in the coming months.

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