Hot Video Alert: Lady Gaga – Alejandro

    You gotta hand it to Lady Gaga…her latest crop of music videos have been EPIC. The latest video for her third Fame Monster single, “Alejandro” premiered online today and it’s glorious, visually. The song itself is still not jiving with me. Of the 8 tracks on the album, this is one of the ones I would have passed over as a single choice. The RedOne produced (and co-written) track isn’t a complete miss, in fact I wouldn’t put it past me to wind up loving it in a week or two, but generally if I don’t like a song it’s raw form I expect the remixes to make me a believer…and the “Alejandro” remixes just haven’t done that. SHOCKING, since we have remixes from Dave Audé, Rusko, Afrojack, Skrillex and Kleerup…but yeah…still no go.

     The video itself is a visual masterpiece (at nearly 9 minutes long), chock-full of brilliant costumes and accessories (the machine gun-bra/bikini top is one of my favs), sexy dance moves, simulated sex acts and hot men.  The single peaked in the top 10 in America, Sweden, Slovakia, Hungary, France, The Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and Belgium and has done reasonably well in other markets and across other formats (i.e. namely the dance remixes which so far is sitting pretty in the #7 spot on Billboard’s Dance/Club Play Chart). I’m interested to see what the next single choice will be.  There are rumblings about either “Monster” or “Dance In The Dark.” Of the two…I’d probably have to pick the latter although I imagine a video for “Monster” would be REALLY cool. What do YOU think should be Gaga’s new single?