Hot Video Alert: Lady Gaga – Judas

    JEEZE man. I can’t believe that since my last Lady Gaga post, there’s been: a music video, a third single – “Edge of Glory“, an appearance on Saturday Night Live, AND the release of her new album Born This Way. You snooze you lose, I guess. I wanted to post Gaga’s controversial “Judas” video just for the sake of posting it. I’m not going to critique and re-hash what’s already been said. Bottom line…cool video…average song. I still prefer “Judas” to “Born This Way” (the single) but not by much. “Edge Of Glory” might be my favorite single of the bunch so far, but I have yet to get myself a copy of the album so I’ll reserve final judgement until that time. In the mean time, download her album on iTunes HERE and watch the STUNNING Gaga + Laurieann Gibson-directed video for second single, “Judas” below.  Feast your eyes little Monsters.

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