Hot Video Alert: Lauren Pritchard – Painkillers

    Lauren Pritchard is an American singer/songwriter, whose new single “Painkillers” drops July 19th in the UK via Island Records. The talented first grabbed national attention on Broadway as “long-haired bohemian” Ilse in the Tony Award-winning Spring Awakening alongside Glee actress Lea Michelle. Now, per Pritchard’s MySpace bio “6 years, 5 tattoos, 4 electric tea kettles, 3 cities, 2 tours and 1 Nord keyboard later, she’s in the bushes with the shepherds of London, singing of her homeland….” “Painkillers” is the new single off of Pritchard’s major label debut, Wasted In Jackson, which is due September 20th in the UK. There’s currently no word yet on a U.S. release date, but seeing as Pritchard is on tour in the UK, it could be a while.

    Whenever a Broadway star goes mainstream pop, I get a little nervous because Broadway tends to cultivate a very particular type sound. Granted, Spring Awakening’s style wasn’t really typical Broadway in it’s musicality so Pritchard’s voice lends itself well to this singer/songwriter material. She’s a little bit Fiona Apple and a little bit Adele, which I really dig. I look forward to hearing more from Lauren Pritchard. “Painkillers” was written by the singer and produced by Eg White (Adele, Duffy) and features Roots founder Questlove on drums.

    Painkillers EP Tracklisting:

    1. Painkillers,
    2. Try A Little Harder,
    3. Painkillers (Body Language Remix) (Listen Here)
    4. Painkillers (Flotilla Remix) (Listen Here)

    Check out Lauren Pritchard on the web: