Hot Video Alert: Paradiso Girls – Who’s My Bitch

    Wow. Has it really been OVER A YEAR since Robin Antin’s own Paradiso Girls released their debut single, “Patron Tequila?” Insanity! When “Patron Tequila” was released my expectations were pretty high for the girls. Now…I don’t know what to think. The girls’ unveiled their second single “Who’s My Bitch” today on MySpace (watch it HERE if embedded content isn’t working) and it’s sort of a let down for me. “Patron Tequila” was high energy, and featured both Lil’ Jon and Eve…”Who’s My Bitch” is just the girls. And while Lauren Bennett’s operatic solo thing at the beginning is pretty impressive, the song itself is kind of a mess.

    The song itself is a bit too slow moving to me. Oh…and the girls are BARELY singing! At least “Patron Tequila” had some verses that allowed Chelsea, Lauren and Aria to do their thing. This is pretty much a cheer leader chant backed up by a sexy beat. The video also doesn’t really have anything going on except for the girls dancing around a studio. Things get a little more interesting at the 2:23 mark where the video goes black & white and feature Chelsea, Aria, Lauren, Shar and Kelly dressed exactly the same, donning black Britney Spears wigs. Overall, however…a disappointment, especially considering how long it’s taken come out with new material. Maybe some club mixes will cheer me up? Considering “Patron Tequila” went Top 3 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Chart, they’d be silly not to release some remixes.

    What I CAN say about the video is that it really showcases the girls’ sex appeal. I gotta hand it to Chelsea Korka – you’ve come a long way baby! I remember way back from Search For the Next Doll where Chelsea was the “singer” of the competition. She had very little dance experience. By watching this video, you can tell she’s been working her ass off. Good for you girl.

    The single is due out sometime this year, as is their debut album Crazy Horse.

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