Hot Video Alert: Preeya feat. Mumzy Stranger – Shimmy (Live on GMTV)

    Now I’m no miming expert but it sure sounded like TRIPLE THREAT Preeya Kalidas was singing her debut single “Shimmy” live this morning on UK morning program GMTV…right? Am I wrong?  If that is her singing live, I I’m impressed. What a voice!  Miming works if you’re a seasoned pro but as an artist just starting out in POP you HAVE to make an impression and really show your talent (*AHEM* Katie Price *AHEM*).  Not only does Preeya sound AMAZING but she looks gorgeous as well.  She and Mumzy Stranger play off each other and really turn out QUITE the performance.

    UK fans can pick up Preeya’s debut single, “Shimmy” when it’s released via Mercury Records on July 26th.  Oh and check out the video for the single AND the Bimbo Jones Remix of the track. BOTH are HOT.  What do you all think of Preeya?   I, for one, would love to see Kalidas go and have a successful post-acting career as a singer.  Where so many have failed, I think Preeya has a shot at making it in the industry.  Hopefully we can expect an album out later this year. 

    **UPDATE** According to a TWEET from Preeya herself, she was singing live. I should never have doubted you, girl. Keep it up!

    Check out Preeya on the web: