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    For me, the very notion that Róisín Murphy isn’t a recognized global name in music is, quite frankly a travesty. The fact that her new album (her first since 2007) Hairless Toys is about to come out (May 12th / Play It Again Sam) is the only thing tempering my outrage here. Well, that and Róisín’s FABULOUS new dance track, “Exploitation.” While the song doesn’t give us much in the way of a vocal, its got attitude. “Exploitation” was produced by long-time collaborator (and talented musician in his own right) Eddie Stevens who served as producer on the Hairless Toys LP. Check out the video for “Exploitation” below, and witness Róisín Murphy’s directorial debut in all of it’s retro-infused glory.

    About her decision to step behind the director’s chair this time around (DON’T WORRY, she also appears IN THE VIDEO) Murphy explains,

    “As a grown up in this industry and someone who has always had a huge involvement in the visual side, it felt like it was time I took complete control of my image. I had a crystal clear vision for this video, after all I’ve had 8 years of collecting references and inspiration building up to it. It’s the story of an actress and a love affair. It’s about selling out, manipulation and exploitation within creative work and in a relationship. It’s ironic because as my own director I’m exploiting myself (if that’s possible) but I am manipulating you.”

    The Irish beauty SERVES up the STUNNING in this video, all while playing-to campy perfection a troubled, hot-mess of an actress (THINK a less CRAZY more BOOZY version of Faye Dunaway in Mommy Dearest). I love everything about this clip.

    Roisin Murphy Releases Hairless Toys May 12, 2015

    As terrific as the single version is, the remixes have been trickling out and, so far they are VERY GOOD. I might even go as far as to say that the Alan Fitzpatrick remix (which premiered Wednesday over on FACT) moves ahead of the original for me. Check it out below. On Thursday Murphy shared yet another remix over on Majestic Casual, this time by Falco Benz, once again with impressive results.

    To say I’m excited about the Hairless Toys era would be an understatement and while she has announced a string of shows and festival appearances in Europe, there’s nothing lined up yet here in the States. In a recent interview with Billboard, Murphy addresses the possibility of a return to the U.S. (it would be her first since 2008), telling Jason Lipshutz, “If enough people call for it, we’ll be there. Somebody needs to make it happen. Wake them up! Murphy wants to come!” Let’s make it happen America!

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