Hot Video Alert: Same Difference – Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)

    Brother/sister pop duo Same Difference (Sean & Sarah Smith) are back with a new single and a new album. Now signed to PopLife Records, the ex X-Factor contestants appear to be going in a more pop/dance direction now, after releasing 2008’s Pop via Syco Music (a Sony company). While the album peaked at a modest #22 on the UK album charts, it didn’t sell to the label’s liking and the group was subsequently dropped. The new single, to be released on August 30th, features remixes by Riffs & Rays, Thin Red Men, Matt Pop and the Beardy Kids. As much as I want to hate this song…I can’t. It’s uber-cheese at it’s best and it’s got a beat. Infinitely better than their last saccharinely sweet High School Musical-esque single “We R One,” the sibling pair have finally hit the right note with this more contemporary pop song.

    Remix Tracklisting:

    1. Riffs & Rays Club Mix
    2. Thin Red Men Club Mix
    3. Matt Pop Remix
    4. Beardy Kids Remix
    5. Riffs & Rays Radio Edit
    6. Original

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