Hot Video Alert: Sky Ferreira – One

    I can’t believe Sky Ferreira is only 17 and already a full blown electro-pop diva. This is the video for her first official single, “One,” produced by Bloodshy & Avant. The video shows Ferreira, at times looking child-like and innocent…almost angelic.  Other times the video shows Ferreira all sexy super model-like. I want to turn away but I can’t! The music keeps drawing me in.  The song is no less catchy now than it was back when I first heard it and that’s absolutely a good thing. Hey – you know you’re onto something good when Popjustice loves it.

    The concept of the video seems a bit all over the place, but not every video needs to tell a story.  The young singer appears in front of a variety of white, gray and tan-colored back drops, singing into a light bulb sitting atop a microphone stand. In another scene Ferreira has an ‘Alice in Wonderland‘ moment, squeezed tightly into a house that’s way too small for her.  As scattered as the video is, it works over the blips and bleeps comprising the song’s production. I can’t help but move to this song. I am still hoping for a SICK remix package here.  At the end of the video we are treated to a sneak peek at the single artwork for “One.”  The single premiered online June 1st but as of yet is unavailable to download. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, check out her previous single “17.” Both the single and the video are available for download on iTunes. “One” and “17” are taken from Ferreira’s forthcoming debut album via Capitol Records (Parlophone in the UK).  Ferreira clocked time with Paul Epworth, Dallas Austin, Linda Perry, Bloodshy & Avant and others. This is shaping out to be one of my most anticipated debut albums of the year.

    Video Still/”One” Single Artwork
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