Hot Video Alert: Snoop Dogg – “Oh Sookie” (True Blood Homage)

    This is AMAZING. Check out Snoop Dogg’s little homage to True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin). “Oh Sookie” features Snoop Dogg professing his love/lust for the fictitious character, supported by a troupe of Sookie-look-alike back up dancers (donning shiteous blond wigs and Merlotte’s Uniforms. The video starts out with Snoop Dogg rolling up to Merlotte’s in his old Cadillac, sporting a “Tru Pimp” vanity plate, garlic hanging from the rear view mirror with Jace Everett’sBad Things” playing in the background. The video also features interspersed clips of Sookie from the show. “Can I take you away? (OH SOOKIE!) You ever been to LA? (OH SOOKIE!)”Genius.