Hot Video Alert: Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue & Travie McCoy – Higher

    I hate when record labels do this, release two versions of the same song for different geographic regions, as they are doing now with the new Taio Cruz single, “Higher.” I understand WHY they do it I just hate that they have to do it.  Kylie Minogue is an international singing sensation yet CLEARLY not a big enough draw here in America to be included in the U.S. release of Cruz’ 5th single off of Rokstarr.  For the single’s North American release we have Travie McCoy, of Gym Class Heroes fame, doing a guest rap.  All bitterness aside, I kind of like Travie’s contribution. I’m BEYOND thrilled that he and Kylie are not doing the same bit, rather, Travie does a guest rap and Kylie actually sings with Taio in the song.  The videos are virtually identical – so much so that in a couple of scenes it looks as if Kylie was just digitally removed.  The videos both feature Taio driving around in a car (or being driven around) and standing around in some huge, cavernous underground parking garage.  In Kylie’s version of the video, Minogue is writhes sexily in the backseat of another car and on the hood of a parked car, where in Travie’s version there is no writhing or dancing. He just does his thing in the back of a car or standing in front of a car with Cruz, looking “gangsta.” It’s a slick video (directed by Alex Herron) no matter how you cut it and who you put it in it.  I’d love to see a version of the video with both McCoy AND Minogue. That would be hot.

    Take a look at the two versions of video below and let me know which one you prefer.  I’m leaning more towards Kylie but Travie’s version is growing on me. Oh and if anyone has the Flemish version of the single with Dutch/Flemish girl group K3, I’d love to hear what that sounds like too! U.S. fans can download “Higher” featuring Travie McCoy now on iTunes (HERE) and pick up a copy of Taio Cruz’s album on iTunes HERE.  “Higher” featuring Kylie Minogue is out February 7th in the UK.

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