Hot Video Alert: Train – If It’s Love

    Who would have thought that I’d be interested in Train after all these years? I saw them way back in college when they opened for…someone? Don’t remember if they opened for Ben Folds Five…or if they were opening for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones? I’m pretty sure it was the former…but I digress. That year they were revelling in the success of breakout single “Meet Virginia.” Now, after the success of last single “Hey, Soul Sister,” the boys of Train release the video for the new single “If It’s Love.” I am liking it…quite a bit actually. Is it wrong of me to secretly be hoping for remixes? I wound up surprisingly loving the Karmatronic remixes of ‘Soul Sister’ and while I don’t think this new single would necessarily work with a club vibe, I didn’t think ‘Soul Sister’ would either…so here’s hoping! (Thanks to Pop In Stereo for bringing this vid to my attention)