Impromptu Noisettes Concert!


    I was reading the Metro on the way into work this morning…and what should I see? “Noisettes: Shiny Happy People.” WHAT? Noisettes? In the Metro? Are they in town? Yes they are and they are playing at Allston Bar/Club Great Scott for $10.00! How awesome is that? I of course checked around to see if anyone wanted to go with me, but a Monday night out is a bit of a tough sell, so it looks like I’m hitting the club alone. Regardless, I’m super pumped about this show. I’ve been listening to both albums (What’s The Time Mr. Wolf? & Wild Young Hearts) on repeat at my desk, as well as the remixes for “Don’t Upset The Rhythm.” This should be an AMAZING show. I bet lead singer Shingai Shoniwa is unbelievable live. She’s got so much power in that voice and she’s absolutely stunning.
    Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess Advanced
    Also worth noting…I got my advance copy of the brand new Erika Jayne album, Pretty Mess (out Tuesday 8/11), as well as the latest Kristine W. album, Power of Music. Now that’s a good music Monday, if you ask me! More on the concert and both CDs later this week. I’m off to the show!

    Check out Noisettes on the web: MySpace/LastFM/YouTube