Be prepared to be smitten by the alluring vocals of LA-based Lostboycrow

Interview: Lostboycrow Talks Debut EP, Tonight’s Popshop West Performance and More

    Lostboycrow EP Release Show, January 13th at The Echo in Lost Angeles

    Last week I introduced twelve promising new artists as part of my ongoing and ever evolving ‘Promising Pop‘ feature, including a very exciting emerging talent from Los Angeles—Lostboycrow.  While I may have only JUST discovered Lostboycrow‘s seductive brand of smooth electronic R&B-influenced pop, it turns out he’s been putting out music for just over a year now.

    As a music blogger, I have to say, it bruises my ego a bit when I learn that an artist I thought I had “discovered” was actually discovered months—even years earlier and already has a devoted following. Of course, I quickly get over it and immerse myself in that artist’s music—ultimately joining the maddening crowd of groupies and stans cheering from the front row.

    Check out my interview with emerging LA-based singer/songwriter, Lostboycrow.

    Prior to this point, Lostboycrow might only have seven original songs out there at the moment, but the internet is taking notice. With a bevy of blog-love, numerous Top Ten notches on HypeMachine’s Popular chart as well as a spot on Spotify’s Global Viral 50 chart—its clear that Lostboycrow is only just beginning his ascent to pop greatness. While I might be late to the Lostboycrow party, I’m here now and I’m SO excited to see what’s next for this promising young talent.

    Be sure and snag tickets to Neon Gold Popshop West show January 13th and see LA-based Lostboycrow perform

    I recently got the chance to ask Lostboycrow some questions about his new EP, Sigh For Me(STREAMING below) ahead of his EP Release / Popshop West show night at The Echo in Los Angeles presented by Neon Gold (tickets). We also discussed whether or not genres really matter in music anymore, vinyl’s recent popularity resurgence, using social media as a way to connect with fans and more.

    Check out the interview below and stay in touch with Lostboycrow by following his socials.

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    • You’ve got a pretty big show coming up tonight. I mean, let’s be honest—playing a Neon Gold Popshop show would be a pretty big deal by itself, but THIS Popshop show serves as your EP release party! How excited are you about this show?
    • On a scale of 1 to Tom Cruise on Oprah’s Couch. I would say I am Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch.


    • Do you have anything special planned?
    • Of course! A couple surprises with a couple of friends to make the evening one to remember.


    • Let’s talk about your live show for a minute. You made your live debut last March at a SchoolNight LA show in Hollywood and you’ve been gigging steadily ever since. Now, you haven’t made it over here to NYC just yet but I managed to catch some video from your residency last year at Dirty Laundry Bar in LA and I have to say, I love the simplicity of it all—just you, a keyboardist, a drummer and some cool lighting. I imagine the “LIVE Lostboycrow experience” has evolved a bit from when you first started. How would you describe your live show to someone who’s never seen you on stage?
    • It’s constantly evolving. The sound is only getting bigger and better. It’s an evening of storytelling with some dope-ass beats. It’s the same thing I tell people when I post a song: I hope you cry and I hope you dance.

    Lostboycrow Releases his debut EP, Sigh For Me on January 13


    • So—the EP—’Sigh For Me.’ How did you come up with the title?
    • ‘Sigh For Me’ is supposed to be exactly what it sounds like. A sigh can convey so many emotions, anything from euphoria to destruction, and I just want people to feel something. And hopefully all of those things at once.


    • You’ve worked on the EP with LA-based producers MARØ and Brian Child, correct? How would you describe that collaborative process?
    • They are homies first and foremost. We were hanging out in the studio and the next thing you know “Powers” was done in a day. The rest is history.

    • Any valuable takeaways or things that you learned about yourself as an artist during your EP’s creation?
    • I’ve learned the importance of whom you keep around you and how that inspires. You have to feed off of the company you keep and it has to be people that push you and people that respect you enough to let you bring your ideas to fruition. This EP is so vulnerable that I had to trust to intimately everyone who was involved in the creative process.



    • Back in February of last year, Neon Gold posted about the Milkman Remix of “Hiy Hiy” on their blog, and then again in December with your new single “Love Won’t Sleep” (which is how I discovered you). An endorsement from Neon Gold has got to feel good I imagine, right? I mean these guys might be a little boutique label based in New York City, but they’ve got a knack for spotting emerging talent early on—Ellie Goulding, Marina & The Diamonds, Tove Lo, St. Lucia—the list goes on! How did you and Neon Gold get together?
    • I’ve been a fan of theirs for a while and the conversation came about really naturally, the fit just made too much sense not to do.


    • I saw that some of your music was previously featured on a vinyl mixtape over on Vinyl Moon—what a cool concept! Vinyl is definitely making a comeback right now, and companies like this or VNYL, where someone sends you a personalized, specially curated vinyl care package based on your musical tastes are popping up almost daily. What are your thoughts on this “vinyl revolution” we’re currently seeing? Are you a collector? Are you happy that people are actively collecting music in physical format?
    • I think it’s important. I think Vinyl really allowed people to take ownership in the songs and artwork and really collect the concept behind the music. I really do think it’s a lost art and I’m glad it’s making resurgence. I’m not a collector per say, but I do own ‘Humbug’ by the Arctic Monkeys.

    Be prepared to be smitten by the alluring vocals of LA-based Lostboycrow


    • Have you started thinking about putting your music out on vinyl?
    • All in due time.


    • I wanted to get your take on “genres” in music today. In your bio, you describe your sound as “as a pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R+B,” but as I’m sure you know, your style has been called everything from pop, alt rock, alt pop, indie pop, electro pop, R&B, alt R&B—just throw an “Alt” or an “Indie” in front of any genre and chances are there’s a blog out there assigning you a label (myself included). It seems that lines between genres are blurring more and more every day—which I think keeps things fresh. I could see though, as an artist, possible frustrations around having the fruits of your labor mislabeled. Do any of these genre classifications bother you, or are you just happy to have your music out there and being heard?
    • I’m just happy to have my music out there. However, I think genre’s are really just conversational pieces. I don’t think they’ve ever really done anyone justice. Art is not a shape that can fit in to a box like a genre. I’m not mad though, because when people hear the music on their own a genre won’t do it justice to their ears.


    • Let’s talk social media for a second. While I’m sure it feels good to be acknowledged by a music blog, you seem to be loving all of the attention from your new fans. Just from what I’ve seen online, reaction from fans seems to be overwhelmingly positive. What struck me in particular, was the fans that comment on your Facebook page—I see people spilling their hearts to you in the comments, and you actually take the time to respond. A lot of artists wouldn’t bother. My question is about negative feedback. I’m sure you’ve received a nasty comment here or there. Being as active on social media as you are, how do you deal with the negative?
    • Honestly, I try and read every interaction with my fans that I can. I haven’t had a ton of negative interaction yet, but I’ve had to take the high road a couple times and just realize that social media is such a ruthless place where people can get a way with a lot. I always want my social media to be a sanctuary and place where people get along, so I’m not going to respond to something negative unless it’s constructive.


    • What is next for you—U.S. Tour? Album? All of the above?
    • Plans for all of it!


    • Thank you for your time! Hope to catch you in NYC real soon.

    Emerging LA singer/songwriter Lostboycrow is a fantastic new find blowing up the blogosphere with his brand of scintillating R&B influenced synthpop.