Introducing RÉN

Hot Pop Crush: Introducing RÉN

    Introducing RÉN

    Guys. I have a new pop crush and I LITERALLY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT HER! Well, that’s not true. I know a little. Her name is Renée Orshan (AKA RÉN) and she’s based in Brooklyn.  RÉN dropped a song online recently, called “Time” and it is very good. It’s a sweet, summery little electropop gem of a song that makes me want to go up on my roof with a glass of Pinot Grigio and jam in the sun, frigid temperatures be damned. The warm, sparkly pop production radiates happiness throughout it’s entirety (just under 4 minutes). RÉN’s vocal has a sort of retro, carefree 70s vibe about it that complements the production perfectly. You can’t help but smile before going back and playing it again.

    Behind the scenes, the RÉN worked with NYC-based producer, Luca Bucellati (HANAH, Tei Shi, Yellerkin) and her own brother and sister—Reuben and Eden, who play guitar (bro)  and sing on the track (sis). The instrumentation and background vocals kind of give the song a sun-drenched rock sound, so hearing RÉN cite MGMT and No Doubt as a musical inspirations—I totally hear that and want to hear more. Like, a lot more. According to RÉN;

    “My favorite artists are all over the spectrum when it comes to sound. The Beatles will make you dance, make you think, make you smile, and make you cry. I want to do that!” [SOURCE]

    I first stumbled upon this budding talent after seeing a Tweet of endorsement from The Line Of Best Fit, so while I wish I could take credit for her discovery, I sadly can’t.  It’s crazy to me (or maybe it isn’t CRAZY?) how after listening to just one song, I’m already smitten with this newcomer. Lord help me when RÉN releases an EP or even an album. Until then, looks like I’m going to go buy “Time” (iTunes) and listen to it on repeat. I suggest that you go and do the same.

    Check out RÉN online:
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