iTunes Live From Soho Present – V.V. Brown

    iTunes released a special ‘Live From Soho’ EP for one of my favorites from across the pond, Ms. V.V. Brown. The six-track EP features Brown doing pretty much the same exact set I’ve seen her do twice this past year – well maybe a slightly abbreviated version of the same set. The sound quality is terrific considering it’s a live show, although it was being recorded professionally so it’s not like I was expecting a bootleg off of YouTube. Listening to it I’m able to recall the experience of seeing Brown perform live. The only things missing…Brown’s infectious stage presence and colorful costumes. Oh…also a slight difference from the live set I saw, here on the EP Brown also appears to be singing a remix of her 4th UK single, “Game Over.” I think she might have sung the album version during the live sets I went to? I don’t really care for this mix but still, it’s one of my favorite Brown tracks off of Travelling Like The Light so I’ll take it how I can it.

    iTunes Live From Soho – Tracklisting:

    1. Everybody
    2. Game Over
    3. Bottles
    4. Back In Time
    5. Quick Fix

    6. Shark In The Water

    Brown’s debut album peaked on the Billboard 200 at #179 when it was released, which isn’t HORRIBLE considering she was unknown here in the States prior to the release of “Shark In The Water.” That’s a pretty commendable chart position for a complete newbie, don’t you think? Speaking of “Shark In The Water,” the song managed to crack the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #67 and at #11 on the Hot Dance Club Chart. Well done Ms. Brown! Here’s hoping that her appearance on Maroon 5’s upcoming tour will generate some more stateside chart interest in the star. See when V.V. is coming to your city HERE.

    Oh…and while I can’t seem to confirm this, Brown appears to be re-releasing her debut with a new track called “No Bonsoir.” My source? The “always reliable” Wikipedia, who even went on to post the supposed album artwork for the re-release. For the time being, I’m just going to chalk this up to being a rumor but I’d buy the re-release. Sure! Love the artwork, official or not. U.S. fans – go buy the live EP now!

    Check out VV Brown on the web:
    • It's so good! It makes me want to go see her again!

    • Agreed!