Jane Monheit & Diana Krall – New Discs Due in the New Year

    Jane Monheit
    While perusing the Amazon New Releases section, I discovered that one of my favorite Jazz artists, Jane Monheit is releasing a new album in January. I haven’t purchased a new Monheit album in a few years, but her second album still remains one of my favorites! I think I read a review of “Come Dream With Me” and bought it on a whim while at a Borders. I was so glad that I did! Her voice is crystal clear and absolutely beautiful!

    Jane Monheit - The Lovers, The Dreamers and MeHer new album, “The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me” is due out on January 20th and features covers of some of Monheit’s favorites from all decades including a Fiona Apple cover (“Slow Like Honey”) and a Corinne Bailey Rae cover (“Like A Star”). Even though I’ve missed 4 releases (I purchased her third album, 2002s “In The Sun”), including a holiday album and a Best Of compilation – this tracklisting may be enough to re-energize my interest in the singer. Check her out!

    Diana Krall - Quiet NightsOh…and another favorite Jazz artist of mine has a new disc out in February! Diana Krall! Check out the fresh and funky-looking artwork! She looks great.