Janet Jackson has announced a new album, world tour and more!

Janet Jackson Announces Comeback; New Music, New World Tour, New Movement

    Queen Janet Jackson is BACK in 2015 with new music and a world tour!

    I learned two things tonight.

    1.) Janet Jackson has a VIMEO account

    2.) Janet Jackson will release NEW MUSIC AND GO ON A WORLD TOUR!!!! THIS YEAR!


    Check out Janet Jackson‘s announcement video below and repeat as necessary.

    Announcement from Janet Jackson on Vimeo.


    After lots of recent speculation regarding the possibility of a comeback, the elusive Ms. Janet Jackson herself made the announcement by way of a Vimeo video (hey, better that than Snap Chat or Dub Smash or TIDAL, right?). What exactly does Janet say in said video? Well, not a lot, but it’s ENOUGH!

    “I promised you’d hear it from my lips…and now you will. This year…new music, new world tour, new movement. I’ve been listening. Let’s keep the conversation going.”

    CUE THE GLOBAL FREAK OUT. While long-time collaborator Jimmy Jam has been hinting at Janet’s eventual return for months, this is the first time we’ve received actual confirmation from the diva herself. Jackson’s last album, 2008’s Discipline was her first and final record with Island Records. If she does in fact release an album this year, it will be her 11th and her first in 7 years. It’s been ENTIRELY TOO LONG. Everybody prepare for a new era of Janet Jackson slayage.

    Check Out Janet Jackson Online: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Vimeo

    • Keith Haslerig

      Right on … bring it, Janet! WERQ!!