Jennifer Hudson – If This Isn’t Love Remixes & More Ebay Goodness

    I received the first of my recent Ebay orders the other day and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s the UK Promo Maxi for Amy Studt’s “Nice Boys.” 19 Recordings went all out with the artwork and packaging for this promo, which surprises me. Considering how poorly her last two single charted (or didn’t chart, as the case was with “Furniture”) it looks like the label is throwing some money into this single. I know there are now plans to release the album physically, so maybe this will be the re-launch single? Anyway, I’m still really feeling the WAWA remixes. The Soha & Adam K mix is alright…just wish there was an edit in the package. Oh well. Beggers can’t be choosers!

    Amy Studt - Official Promotional ShotLooks like all of my holiday money is going toward music this year! I just ordered another promo on Ebay…this one for Jennifer Hudson’s new single “If This Isn’t Love.” Apparently it’s a UK promo, though I think it’s also being released as the next US single. I have the album, but honestly haven’t listened to it much since I bought it. I love J Hud, but I haven’t been in the R&B sort of mood lately. Maybe these mixes will get me inspired again! Here is the tracklist. Can’t go wrong with StoneBridge! I’ve never heard of Fraser T Smith. Perhaps an urban mix? His MySpace profile classifies his sound as hip hop/electronica. We shall see!

    Jennifer Hudson - If This Isn't LoveFanmade Single Artwork via Coverlandia Blog






    OH! I completely forgot. I got the rest of my Ebay orders a while back…including Will Young’s Grace promo, Sugababes “No Can Do” mixes and Bryn Christopher’s mixes for “Smilin’.” I already reviewed the Bette Midler mixes for “In These Shoes” and the Gabriella Cilmi mixes for “Sanctuary.” Let’s briefly go over these.

    Will Young - Grace Single
    Overall I was a bit dissapointed by the Will Young mixes. “Grace,” the song by itself is quite gorgeous so I was expecting more out of these mixes. I would have to say that the Fred Falke mixes are my fav. Tom Neville did alright with it. They are all just OK in my opinion.

    Sugababes - No Can Do Single
    I am happy with the “No Can Do” remixes overall. The WAWA mixes (once again) are hot. Bimbo Jones turned it out as well. The WAWA mixes definitely take the prize here. No doubt. Hands down! The Mowgli mixes are alright.

    Bryn Christopher - Smilin' Single
    The Wideboys mixes of “Smilin‘” are fierce. Love, love, love them! They are hard, and fast. Perfection. Moto Blanco also did a fabulous job here. Pleased overall.