Jib Kidder – Windowdipper

    I love shows like American Idol and So You Think You Dance because they constantly are turning me on to new music, and new artists. Last night on the results show, one of the contestants at the bottom (Ade) had to “dance for his life” and he did this fabulous contemporary/hip-hop routine, choreographed to this WACKY-fun song by Jib Kidder.
    Now, I’ve never heard of Jib Kidder before but WHOA “Windowdipper” drew me in FAST, given that Ade only had a couple of minutes to impress the judges. The intro uses all of these Microsoft Windows blips and blops. I watched the video today from work on my computer and kept thinking how my computer was about to die. So trippy! The song can be found on iTunes.
    Jib Kidder - All On Yall
    Apparently Travis Wall, runner-up on Season Two of SYTYCD has choregraphed a routine to the same song. Pretty hot as well! I’m obsessed with this song now. OBSESSED. Jib Kidder reminds me a little bit of Girl Talk in the way that he infuses so many elements from different songs, but the guy is totally unique. It’s a new kind of MASH-UP and I love, love, love it!
    Check out Jib Kidder on the web: Official Label Site//MySpace//YouTube