Joss Stone Clears Up The Cover Art

    I’m a multi-tasker…and by multi-tasker I mean I can blog AND listen to my TV at the same time. Pretty freakin’ sweet, eh? Anyway, I was listening to a TIVOed episode of Chelsea Lately with special guest Joss Stone. Joss was really cute – in fact, the first thing she did was clarify the situation with her album artwork. Apparently, the purple picture-less artwork is being released as the official album artwork in some places, rather than the much-cooler – “Joss-in-a-box” artwork.

    Joss StoneJoss Stone

    The reason? Apparently the label deems the latter artwork too controversial? I don’t know – this was straight out of Stone’s mouth. I’m hoping the U.S. release of her album, Colour Me Free on October 20th sees the real artwork. Otherwise, I’m going to wait for the UK release. Which artwork do you like better? Oh! Did anyone happen to catch Joss Stone on Kimmel? Watch the video of her performing “Free Me” HERE. HOT performance. Check out these beautiful new promotional photos from photographer Phil Knott. GORGEOUS. This is why the album artwork needs actual PICTURES of the artist.

    Joss StoneJoss StoneJoss StoneJoss Stone

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