Katherine Jenkins Brings The UK Charts To Life

    Katherine Jenkins - Believe

    Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins debuted at #6 on the UK album charts this past week, with her new album Believe selling just over 30,000 copies. The album was recorded in Los Angeles with famed producer David Foster and features a duet with Andrea Bocelli (“I Believe“). Jenkins has described this new album as being her most accessible to date, featuring popular contemporary songs including Sarah McLachlan’sAngel,” and “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence.
    Katherine Jenkins - Bring Me To Life
    Jenkins’ new single, “Bring Me To Life” is beautiful enough, however it’s lacking in what the original version brought to the table. Evanescence Vocalist Amy Lee complemented the original version’s hard-hitting rock element with a really rough, edgy vocal. Jenkins’ version is a bit too perfect…too crisp and clear. It sounds like it’s building up to something and it never quite gets there. Well…I shouldn’t say that…Jenkins certainly does GET THERE the last 40 seconds are tremendous, with Jenkins showing off her fantastic range. I just think that it’s missing that rock element that made the first song so successful.
    Katherine Jenkins
    That all being said, Jenkins is clearly targeting a different demographic than Evanescence was for that market, this song hits the mark. For those classical-lovers who like to get down at the clubs, check out the Almighty remixes oh and make sure you watch the absolutely STUNNING video. What a beauty she is.
    Katherine Jenkins
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