Katie Melua Album Release Delayed, Due in February

    Well it appears that a November release for Katie Melua‘s forthcoming 5th album was a bit too much too soon for the popular English singer/songwriter. On September 14th, Melua’s longtime songwriting partner and producer Mike Batt Tweeted about the subject:

    “Probably putting Katie’s album back to Feb. Got it ready and everything (sounds fab) but not fair on her to rush the prep/marketing/promo. Katie is in great health. Never been happier. Album sounds fantastic. Just waiting until we can line it up properly in TV/radio/retail.” {SOURCE}

    I can’t say I’m altogether surprised, especially considering the events that preceded her last tour. Given that the press release came out in September, a November release date seemed a bit soon. Granted, Melua had been working on the new album for some time but still – that’s A LOT of promo to do in a short amount of time. Not much has changed on the Dramatico website, in fact the original press release mostly remains in tact, with the exception of a new release date for Secret SymphonyFebruary 6th, 2012 – three months later than the original planned release date on November 14th.  Still no word on what the album’s first single will be or if there will be a video, but Batt seems to think that there could be a “short Secret Symphony tour in the Spring” following the album’s release. In the meantime, check out one of the album tracks – “Gold In Them Hills” – recorded for a German compilation album due next week, and read a little bit more about the album, which is set to include a mix of covers and original songs. While a November release was exciting, I think I can hold out until February. Rest up Katie! Can’t wait to have you back!

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