Katie Melua – Mary Pickford (Used To Eat Roses)

    Katie Melua is a good singer/songwriter. Sometimes she’s a bit boring, but I really like her. She’s a great live singer. Really great. I got the import of her most recent album, Pictures and it’s pretty decent. Nothing too exciting but to be honest I’ve been listening to more dance music than normal lately so down-tempo, slow pop stuff isn’t really hitting the spot these days. Of the tracks on the new album, Mary Pickford is definitely a favorite of mine. Check it out on 7digital.com.

    • Hi’, I’m from Chile, 27 years. It make me surprise that you & I have the same image in blog: Back To Black cover from Amy Winehouse!. <BR/>I saw your lastfm and I knew your blog. <BR/>Best Wishes,<BR/>Miguel Angel

    • Thanks for your comment and your well wishes 🙂 It’s a classy photo of Amy. Hopefully she gets better soon!

    • from chile too…<BR/><BR/>don’t you have the traks from this single…<BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/><BR/>great blog…