Katie Melua Releases STUNNING Video for ‘The Flood’

    Big thanks to Jared over at the ‘Pop In Stereo’ blog for the single artwork

    Yikes. I know I’m late with posting about this but who cares! This video should be posted OVER and OVER again. It’s called “The Flood” and it’s Katie Melua‘s upcoming new single (released May 17th) off of her fourth album, The House, due out May 24th in the UK and August 3rd in the U.S. It’s visually stunning, just as the song is sonically stunning. Half naked dancing men, Katie in a stunning black contour dress…a mechanical bull-like piano…there’s just so much to look at! This song gives us a taste of what we can expect from Melua’s William Orbit-produced new album. I for one am salivating in anticipation. Eew. There’s a puddle.

    Oh, and even though I posted about the album preview before, have a listen again. It’s got some great “Behind The Scenes” footage of Katie at work on the album and filming the video for “The Flood.” Oh and remember to be on the lookout for remixes by Danny Kirsch. (Danny Kirsch…if you find this post…I’d love to hear your mixes)


    1. I’d Love To Kill You
    2. The Flood
    3. A Happy Place
    4. A Moment Of Madness
    5. Red Balloons
    6. Tiny Alien
    7. No Fear Of Heights
    8. The One I Love Is Gone
    9. Plague Of Love
    10. God On The Drums Devil On The Bass
    11. Twisted
    12. The House
    Check out Katie Melua on the web:
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