Kia Alexander - Like You Want To (Out Now)

Kita Alexander 2 for 2 In The Smash Department; Listen to ‘Like You Want To’ (Out Now)

    Kita Alexander - Like You Want To

    Since my first play of 19 year-old Aussie singer/songwriter Kita Alexander‘s new single “Like You Want To” on NOISEY this week, I’ve been cool nostalgic for the summer—which is weird because I’ve been ready for dark denim, chic outerwear and suede boots for LITERALLY months. But hey! I can’t help it! The single is the follow-up to her über catchy debut offering (STILL a staple on my summer & autumn playlists) “My Own Way” (yes I make seasonal playlists), originally released in May. “Like You Want To” serves major chill, end-of-summer-vibes. You know the kinda vibes destined to be played loud, cruising down some beach-adjacent highway…kinda like that Duke Dumont video) Or, you know that Kita Alexander video…that she co-directed with Zach Miller.  Check it out below.

    Oceanside amusement parks, casual pool dips, waves crashing at dusk. I mean, how can you feel anything BUT relaxed after watching that? “Like You Want To” is the latest track released from Kita’s forthcoming EP of the same name, due November 27th, and you can download/stream it to your little summer-loving, cold weather-hating heart’s content starting today (iTunes/Spotify)! The song is also yours (instant grat) if you pre-order the new EP! BONUS!

    Kia Alexander - Like You Want To (Out Now)

    From the very first note “Like You Want To” hits you with PRIME Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks vibes, and while the song is steeped in unmistakable retro-soaked remembrance, Ben Romans’ glistering 80s-inspired production keeps things fresh, on-trend and ripe for the picking for finger-on-the-pulse film & television music supervisors. Glorious. I’ve been clamoring on about wanting to hear more from Kita Alexander and this is precisely why. “Like You Want To” doesn’t stray too far from that vintage soundscape we heard on “My Own Way” but it’s different enough that it stands out on its own.

    Now that she has a full EP of music coming out next month, I’m hoping Kita Alexander hits the road this year or next. Having spent the summer in LA recording up a storm (and surfing in her off time), she’s got to be antsy to take to the mic and dazzle America. *PRAYER HANDS EMOJI*

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