Let Me Be FRANK With You…

    So let’s discuss the dilemma I was facing earlier with the U.S. release of Amy Winehouse’s debut album, FRANK. Allmusic.com was correct with the tracklisting provided. Amazon.com was wrong. So I purchased the U.S. version. Tuesday morning on iTunes I checked out FRANK and found a bunch of bonus tracks.

    Only later did I realize that the bonus tracks were on the copy of the CD I purchased–just tagged on as hidden tracks after the Outro. Call me obsessed…but I’d rather have those bonus tracks as individual tracks so that I don’t have to fast forward through the Outro.

    Turns out that the new US release is the same as the ORIGINAL UK release back in 2003. There was a North American release in 2004, and that was the version that I purchased at Virgin Megastore a couple of years ago.

    Anyway, long story short, I’m happy I got the new version of FRANK. I enjoy the bonus tracks, especially the Salaam Remi produced Mr. Magic (Through The Smoke) and Know You Now. Also included as a bonus track is Brother, a scrap from the FRANK recording sessions. The album artwork is virtually the same, aside from some hot pink detailing on the front and back of the album cover. If anyone hasn’t listened to FRANK yet, now’s your chance. It’s in stores now.